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Do You Know How Many People Use Instagram?
1 Billion People Use Instagram!
1 Billion is a big number, and it positions Instagram behind Facebook (1.4 billion) but ahead of most other social network sites, including Twitter (who has 68 million) and Pinterest (250 million). That audience is continually and steadily growing, so there are a lot of audience members you can connect with here. Source
80% of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaboration
So how powerful are Instagram influencers for marketing? Let’s just say you’d be out of touch if you didn’t use the network to work with brands. In fact, Zine discovered almost 80% of influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaborations over any other channel. What’s even more compelling about this report is the next highest channel is through blogging at only 16%! For brands wanting to collaborate with influencers, the very first step should be Instagram. Even if you’re looking to promote across other channels, find your influencers through Instagram first. Source
There's A Common Misconception 
That Adults Don't Use Instagram...
Here's The Percentage of U.S. Adults Who Use Instagram
Instagram demographics have veered toward younger generations since its inception. However, new statistics from the Pew social media report show older generations are starting to embrace the app a bit more.

  • ​64% of 18–29 year olds use Instagram.
  • ​40% of 30–49 year olds use Instagram.
  • ​21% of 50–64 year olds use Instagram.
  • ​10% of people 65+ use Instagram.
Instagram Dominates Mobile Engagement
Instagram is a mobile platform and since 80% of social media browsing takes place on mobile devices there should be no doubt in your mind about building a presence on this platform. Users can view Instagram as a web page but can only post photos from their mobile devices.

This may seem like a con to some business owners but the way people are shopping has changed since the advent of the smartphone. 80% of shoppers use their mobile phones to look up product reviews or compare prices online. 

It’s quick and convenient because smartphones are small and compact and most people have one with them 24/7. If you want your business to be successful, you will need to stay up with the trends. Source
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Assistagram better than other agencies?
We have a network of over 220 million followers on Instagram. Additionally, you will work with and gain insight from people that know the Instagram algorithm inside and out.
Why choose us for your Instagram Marketing Agency?
We can get you thousands of real followers.
We optimize your profile for max reach.
We can create content for you.
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Why is Instagram the best channel for branding?
Instagram is the platform with the fastest growing audience.
Instagram has over 800 million users with 500 million being active users.
Statics show that 75% of people will click buy on your landing page after seeing an Instagram ad on a real influencer’s page.
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